What does your tie pattern reveal about you?

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  • September 28, 2018
  • Whilst ties may be used for formal occasions, and many men (and women) despise wearing them, there’s no denying a well-chosen tie can make your entire outfit. What’s more, you can actually use your tie to show off a little bit of your personality through the design. Here are some of the more popular tie designs and what they say about the wearer.

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    1. The classic striped tie

    Nothing can beat a classic, and that’s your motto! You have deep-rooted gentlemanly values and place huge focus on order and organisation. Striped ties are most common for uniforms and can be linked back to the military where they would represent the wearer’s regiment. Whilst some may consider you strict, you see it as being traditional and focused on your goal. Either that or you’re actually a rugby lad living your best life with the tie worn adamantly around your head.

    2. The geometric pattern

    Typically reserved for people who have a mind for IT or technology in general, the geometric pattern is often accompanied by bold colours. Quite often, the pattern itself is associated with being a ‘geek’ – although despite the seemingly negative connotations, the majority who are branded with this title wear it proudly! The reason being, those who favour this pattern are generally logical and forward thinking, but with a love for innovation.

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    Regardless of your choice in tie patterns, there will be a shirt to match it perfectly. For example, Farah shirts such as the ones found at https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah come in a range of shapes and colours, guaranteed to match up perfectly with your chosen neckwear.

    3. Paisley

    This one is for those who stand out, both in terms of personality and fashion. This pattern originates in Persia and has become closely associated with the Boho scene, so you’ll often see it adorning the necks of those who love everything vintage and aesthetic.

    Despite the tie being largely dropped and replaced with the more casual open buttoned shirt and blazer, many still feel that ties are essential to complete a suit. Indeed, it can’t be denied they bring a certain class to the outfit, and often make it much better!

    4. Animal print

    Simply put, you’re fun and light-hearted and don’t take anything too seriously. You exude positive vibes and are undoubtedly unique.