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  • November 8, 2018
  • Methods You Can Use to Get Radio Codes.

    Some car stereo uses a code which is a short string that helps in theft deterrent. If you discover that your radio is flashing a code, it means that it has this feature. Most of the cars have head units with inbuilt memory that enable the radio to remember the time, presets and other important information. In the event the battery dies, all these information is lost. Nevertheless, some cars have the theft deterrent feature that prevents them from working whenever there no power. It is important to keep your radio secured otherwise you will lose your radio codes.

    The main contributor of losing this security feature is if your battery dies. To be able to use these theft deterrent again you will need to find another car radio code that is compatible with your stereo. By following this procedure, it will be easier to find the right code. Once you get the code, you need to keep it safe, to avoid getting back to the same situation. You can use these options to get your car code. The first thing that you need to look at is the car’s owner manual.

    The information is supposed to be on the manual but manufactures prefer to put it on a separate card for security reasons. For those people who own a used car, you retrieve the information from the former owner. Alternatively you can use the customer’s manual if ever had an after-market radio component. You can go online and search for the manufactures website. You need to disclose the basic information of your car when searching for radio codes information online.

    Another a place to look for is the radio manufacture’s online database. The a database may be similar, but you will be required to add a serial number. When you use the radio manufacture, you will have to find the serial code from the radio itself. Removing the radio can be a complex task so look for a professional to assist you. You can choose to seek help from the service center since they have more knowledge about the radios and codes.

    The car’s year, make, model VIN is all you need to prove to the official dealer. While you might want the easy route of getting the code over the phone, dealers usually ask clients to book an appointment. If the above methods fail, the final step is to find a third party source. Some websites contain databases of stereos codes for most of the car models and radio manufactures. You can gain access to these websites either for free or at a fee.

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